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Instantly Available 1800 Flash Numbers

1800 Flash Numbers™

We offer a vast range of instantly available 1800 Flash Numbers™ starting at a low $19.99 per month which is vastly cheaper than our nearest phone word competitor. Our list of 1800 Flash Numbers are available now on a first come basis.

Real-Time Features

Each Flash Numberâ„¢ offered by our preferred suppliers come with loads of Real-Time Features ...

  1. 24/7 Online Customer Tool Box
  2. 24/7 Real Time Destination Changes
  3. Business Introduction Audio
  4. Call Forwarding
  5. Call Whisper Alert
  6. Caller Indentification
  7. Day Of Week Routing
  8. Fax to Email
  9. Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)
  10. Live Call Reporting
  11. Multiple Call Overflow
  12. Pre-Pay and Auto-Top Up
  13. Round Robin Ringing
  14. Similteneous Ringing To Multiple Devices
  15. Spend Management Tools
  16. Time Routing
  17. Voice-To-Email
  18. Many More ...

Our Preferred Suppliers

View available Flash Numbers through any of our preferred suppliers - they would welcome your enquiry.

Q. What is a Flash number ?

A Flash Number is a hand-picked Toll-Free (1800) or Local-Call (1300) number purposely selected with digits to make it more super memorable to consumers. For example, 1300 70 80 80.

Q. Who can host a 1300/1800 Flash Number?

Unlike our nearest Phone Word competitor, we permit the hosting of a 1300 or 1800 Flash number with any Telco Provider.